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Sharing the Camino journey is my passion. I’ll be taking tours along the Camino de Santiago in the near future. Follow my blog to learn more about the incredible journey

Walk the Camino

Join me in September this year on my next Camino Journey. We’ll be walking the Portuguese Camino for 10 Days. This trip will be extra special as Katy-K, world renowned psychic, will be walking with us.



Margaret Caffyn (nee Stott) was born in Melbourne. Her childhood was an adventure in itself, living in suburbia during the week & spending every weekend at the family’s sheep farm on Phillip Island.

Camino De Santiago


About Maggie

Margaret Caffyn (nee Stott) was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her childhood was an adventure in itself, living in suburbia during the week and spending every weekend and school holidays at the family’s sheep farm on Phillip Island. 

Her father encouraged independence and taught her many of life’s practical skills, allowing her to explore her surroundings and become the free spirit that she is, thus developing a lust for experiences. Over her lifetime, she has had many transformations. She has been a stenographer, medical secretary, waitress, cook, and function organiser.

My Books

Most people have a huge party for their 60th birthday, but not me….I chose to walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  I have written the book that I wish I had BEFORE I went, and I hope this will inspire you to put on some boots, load up a backpack, and follow the Camino path.

This walk changed my life in so many ways and the first part of my book is about that transformation, my experience.  It is not a diary like most other Camino books, but an introspective look at what happens to your mind and body when walking long distance.