Camino 2018
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Walk the Camino

A Camino is unique in that it allows you to slow down and remove yourself from everyday routine.  It gives you the headspace to reflect on life and what is important.  It is a perfect time to wander at your own pace and walk alone to consider your thoughts.

In September 2018, I led a group of 8 pilgrims on the Camino Portugues (Coastal).  We were lucky enough to be accompanied by world renowned psychic and medium,Katy-k! Her wisdom, meditations, guidance and mini readings the she gave along the way was fabulous and added another dimension to our walk.

If you are interested in accompanying me on another walk, I’m considering another one in April 2019.  It will be 1-2 weeks only and the route is yet to be decided upon.  Register your interest here.

Take a look at the stunning Camino galleries