Ingles Camino
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Ingles Camino

May 2018

The Ingles Camino has two beginning points.  You can start in A Coruna or Ferrol. I started in Ferrol.  It takes 5-6 days, and if you want a Compostela Certificate, you need to begin at Ferrol as A Coruna is under the required 100 kms.

The Ingles is one of my favourite Camino.  It stretches from the north coast, along the estuary, through many beautiful oak and eucalyptus forests to Santiago.  There is quite a bit of shade (always good if you are walking in the heat), a few hills (nothing too strenuous), and a bit of road walking (but you get that on all Caminos).  Birdlife is plentiful and it almost feels English with its oak forests and mossy rocks. Accommodation is a bit sparse and I found I had to book ahead. I’m sure this will improve with time as it becomes more popular.  It is a really beautiful walk.

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