Santiago de Compostela
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Santiago de Compostela

June 2018

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This city is fantastic.  It is a city of stone.  This Galician stone shines and glows when it rains (and that is often).  The majestic Cathedral stands in the centre as a beacon to all pilgrims and the streets buzz with the excitement of everyone finishing their Caminos.  Backpacks everywhere, people limping and looking exhausted but elated, it has a really magical atmosphere.  There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and parks to visit. Accommodation is plentiful an the tapas bars in the narrow streets in the heart of the city are fantastic.  Street music is everywhere, at every turn and the city comes alive at night. Visit the portal around 9 o’clock to hear the opera, the didgeridoo, hang drum and sitar players or the bagpipes.  Sit in the square and watch people arriving and greeting each other, and of course, you must attend mass and hopefully watch the botafumeiro swing

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