Camino Gallery
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Camino Gallery

Sanabres Camino – October 2016

The Sanabres is also part of the Via De La Plata Camino, and in my opinion, one of the best parts of north west Spain and Galicia. This Camino is mostly through forests. There is some road walking but you soon forget this when you reach the forests.

Ingles Camino – May 2018

The Ingles is one of my favourite Camino.  It stretches from the north coast, along the estuary, through many beautiful oak and eucalyptus forests to Santiago.  There is quite a bit of shade, a few hills, and a bit of road walking.

Pilgrim House- Santiago (a must!)

PILGRIM HOUSE is a drop in centre for Pilgrims on Rua Nova in Santiago de Compostela. Here, you can rest a while in the common room and meet other pilgrims.

Portugues Camino (Central) – May 2018

This is the official Camino.  I walked from Porto to Santiago as I had heard that the walk from Lisbon is not very interesting and there is a lot of road walking.  Starting in Porto, I felt this was much the same at first.

Santiago de Compostela – June 2018

This is fantastic city of stone.  This Galician stone shines and glows when it rains (and that is often).  The majestic Cathedral stands in the centre as a beacon to all pilgrims and the streets buzz with the excitement of everyone finishing their Caminos

Camino Frances

The Camino Frances is the most well known of all the Caminos, and is the most popular due to its fantastic infrastructure.  Many movies have been made and many books have been written about this one.

Camino Via De La Plata

THIS IS BY FAR, MY FAVOURITE CAMINO!!! It is the longest Camino in Spain and depending on where you start, it stretches 1000 – 1,400 kms or more.  It is a type of meseta, a desert, with no shade whatsoever.

Camino Portugues (Coastal)

The walk is absolutely stunning.  It starts on a long boardwalk, so it is an easy stroll at first.  There is a little road walking but many more forests and soft paths than the Central Camino.

Finisterre & Muxia

Finisterre is latin for ‘the end of the world’ (in Galician, it is known as Fisterra).  This is where many people end their Camino by walking to the 0km way marker and sitting by the lighthouse to watch the sunset on the end of their journey.

Additional Camino Photos

I’ve created a gallery with additional photos from my Camino journeys. Having made the pilgrimage several times, I have so many photos to share from my travels.

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